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Her outsider status lecturing at a little-known college when this book was published gives her a fresher, sassier style that's not the usual fare from a professor.She compares the etymology of matzah with Amazon; she chastises those who'd not get their bridges built by macho men in our brutish society that rewards brawn.Her book will stimulate and awe readers everywhere. But stereotypes are the west's stunning sexual personae, the vehicles of art's assault against nature. We may have to accept an ethical cleavage between art and reality, tolerating horrors, rapes, and mutilations in art that we would not tolerate in society.She discusses sex and nature as brutal daemonic forces, and she criticizes feminists for sentimentality or wishful thinking about the causes of rape, violence, and poor relations between the sexes.She stressed the biologic basis of sex differences and sees the mother as an overwhelming force who condemns men to lifelong sexual anxiety, from which they escape through rationalism and physical achievement.

Wolf-whistles appear in ancient comedy as well as on the corner from leering men.For art is our message from the beyond, telling us what nature is up to.Not sex but cruelty is the great neglected or suppressed item on the modern humanistic agenda.Paglia offers provocative views of literature, art history, psychology, and religion.She focuses, for example, on the amorality, voyeurism, and pornography in great art that have been ignored or glossed over by most critics.

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