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In 2015, the federal government launched a national inquiry into these cases.

The Highway of Tears refers to a section of Yellowhead Highway 16, from Prince Rupert on the northwest coast of British Columbia to the central interior city of Prince George, BC. The region is characterized by poverty and, until 2017, lacked adequate public transportation, which forced many locals to resort to hitchhiking as a form of transit.

In 2005, when E-PANA was first launched, the RCMP identified nine victims who had gone missing or had been found murdered along Highway 16 (from 1989 to 2006): Alisha Germaine, Roxanne Thiara, Ramona Wilson, Aielah Saric-Auger, Tamara Chipman, Nicole Hoar, Lana Derrick, Delphine Nikal and Alberta Williams.

The RCMP suspected Bobby Jack Fowler in her death, but no conclusive evidence existed to convict him.

Pamela Darlington (Status: Murdered and Unsolved) Pamela was a 19-year-old Kamloops, BC, resident who was found murdered in a local park in November 1973.

The RCMP suspected Bobby Jack Fowler was responsible for her murder, but no conclusive evidence existed to convict him.

Monica Ignas (Status: Murdered and Unsolved) Monica was 15 years old when she was last seen walking along Highway 16 in Thornhill near Terrace, BC, in December 1974.

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