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Remember, the word "ENDURO", by definition, means "a long race". For example, a student graduating from high school has finished a 12 year "ENDURO"s ("long race").Or, an adult trying to provide a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for his/her family, is running an "ENDURO" ("long race") that can easily take 30-40 years (or more) to complete.We invite you to set up your own ENDURO USA™ account - complete with a "Locker Room" (where you can host success oriented Locker Room Meetings on an on-going basis).Your Locker Room also has an "Office", where you can have a private conversation with anyone that you've "Drafted".As a result, the "Basic Model for Success" demonstrated by the successful athletes mentioned above has been adopted and trademarked as The ENDURO Model for Success™ - therefore becoming a major part of The ENDURO Brand™.

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My best friend is a lawyer and he tells me about cases where men sent money to women under false pretences.

We decided to set-up Blu1877 to interact and support the effort of those that are creating the future of food. Good food that support people live healthy lifestyles and leave a healthy planet to our children. Are you working on a new food product, service or a new food technology?

Do you already have a proof of principle or a minimum viable product?

Over the years, we've summarized these individual "race traits" into the following phrase so they can be visualized and therefore implemented as a " is not a priority.

It has become increasingly difficult for students, adults, families, organizations, businesses, and even for our country to move forward.

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