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In addition, the angle of her pelvic bone and genitals creates concentrated stimulation of the penis.

In addition, both partners are able to see each other's faces, bodies, and genitals— and both partners have hands free for mutual touching.

Try this Loving Touch Exercise to develop your sexual sensory techniques: Lie down and roll onto your side, facing your partner. Imagine what it would feel like if it were your own.

Maintaining slow and steady breathing and as much relaxation as you can, begin to touch your lover's body in slow movements.

True, the book does offer manipulations of sexual union that are guaranteed to change up the normal routine of man-on-top/woman-on-top.

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Try using a few encouraging phrases in your next lovemaking encounter.

(Those partners who are receiving touch: Pay attention to what your partner is communicating through his/her hands!

) After about 10-15 minutes, place one flat palm in the center of your lover's chest, just under the collarbone.

The more flexible the woman is, the closer her partner can bend down to her, but the deep penetrative effects can still be gained from the couple remaining essentially in a ninety-degree angle.

Did you know that the ancient Indian text, The Kama Sutra , (or Aphorisms on Love ) was not intended as a sex manual?

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