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The technique I used for this design is vector illustrating off of photographs.I could hand draw something then create my vector art off of that, but that would take about twice as long. Unfortunately you can’t tell your photo to change positions, so you’re forced to do an extensive search until you find the pose you’re after.A computer Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop (just a little bit) Access to stock images (or stolen ones will work too.) Client logo (if you have a client) • The Technique • Finding Photos • Proper perspective • “Frankensteining” • Vectorizing the girl • Making vector fur • Vectorizing the motorcycle • Grabbing some stock vectors • Putting it all together • Mocking it up Originally this project was to design a series of new t-shirts for an American motorcycle company.Some of the direction we were given was: “comic book style drawings” and “an old school style pin-up girl.” I thought I could combine those motifs into a modern vector style pin-up on one of their newer more contemporary motorcycles.No problem, I just need to pull a “Frankenstein.” To “Frankenstein” a photo is to take several different photos, cut different body parts and put them together.In this case I need a beautiful leg to attach to this torso. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the face on my girl in the photo.

A month or so ago I did this sweet tutorial of a pin-up girl on a motorcycle. Without further ado…Holiday Vector Pin-Up girl on a motorcycle T-shirt Design (Phew! Oh – quick warning; there will be a few gratuitous plugs for Arsenal products at the end, but it’s just a little bit right at the end.It shouldn’t be hard to find a picture of a girl that fits.For the pin-up girl here is the first photo that I found that I really liked. Also, her upper body seems to be angled as though she is sitting on my motorcycle.This way I can avoid any legal entanglements that might get me or my client in trouble.BUT – as you are creating vector art out of these images and not using the photos themselves it does open up the opportunity to “steal” some images.

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