Speed dating nottingham valentines day

Photographer Cecil Beaton described her as "attractively ugly".Yet she had the gift of making people feel they were the very person she had been waiting all her life to meet.THE MOTHERThis siren strives to make men feel comfortable rather than challenged.They think men have a raw deal and believe the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.Guys never seemed to be able to catch up with her, or at least she made them feel that way.She had a kind of goddess quality, alluring yet distant and untouchable, but she was always in the close company of men.My grandmother, at 56, wooed a younger man out of bachelorhood after she had been twice widowed.

Never blanch when he wants to act on sexual fantasies that seem a little quirky - Wallis mastered several sexual techniques on her whirlwind tour of Hong Kong with her first husband.

Leave him with the impression that you're safely under his wing. It strikes a balance between childlike innocence and knowing lady.

Everything about your wardrobe should say squeaky clean, but it should always be a smidge too tight, an inch too short and show a provocative expanse of skin.

She also unveils their secrets and tricks, so you too can unleash your inner siren.

Scroll down for more She says: "I come from a long line of women who treated seduction very seriously.

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