Updating creative zen firmware internet dating world

Tried to upgrade my firmware on the zen touch to be able to use it with Vista.

Upgrade on XP and with media player 10 as Creative say.

It will show a menu in which you should select "Reload firmware" and confirm.

After having erased the firmware, you can proceed below.

UPDATE: A prebuild image of an improved version of the bootloader is here: firmware_zen_

Once you have the bootloader, you have to install it.

The recommended one is the automatic method using Rockbox Utility when it's available.

Now PC should find it and allow you to re-load the firmware.

WARNING: at the moment, Rockbox cannot use the same file system as Creative does on the internal flash.

As a result, you will need to reformat the internal flash to FAT and thus lose any data stored there. At time of writing (2014-02-07) the port can't operate alongside the OF because RB and the OF use incompatible file systems.

As a consequence, if you format for the OF, Rockbox won't boot and if you format for Rockbox, OF won't boot.

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