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A hypnotherapist was recruited to jog the memory out of him.

Thus begins the multi-layered puzzle that is "Trance".

Look, it's not the worst movie ever made, but it's one of the most pointless.

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Here Cassel gives Franck another level of what seems to be vulnerability, or then again, maybe not.Now he returns to the big screen directing this Rubik's cube of a film, and that itself makes this film an event to witness.James Mc Avoy plays Simon, the art auctioneer with a huge gambling debt caught in a bigger web, with the necessary cluelessness and helplessness.It was her character that provides this film that complex structure which would keep the audience wondering which is reality and which is just a trance.She was credible, treading that delicate balance between good and bad, realistically keeping the two other male characters guessing at her real intentions.

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