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And, I look forward to my day in court where the evidence will prove my innocence.” PREVIOUSLY: Gene Simmons is being sued by a woman who says the KISS bassist groped her and made “unwanted, unwarranted sexual advances” during an interview she conducted last month, according to legal documents obtained by The Wrap.The radio and television broadcaster (identified as “Jane Doe”) is suing for sexual battery, gender violence, battery and assault.

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Simmons provided an “incoherent explanation” for his behavior, according to the lawsuit.Jenny Lumet, the 50-year-old daughter of the late film director Sidney Lumet, claimed on Thursday that Simmons forced her into having sex with him in 1991 when she was 24 and he was ten years older. Sidney died in 2011 She says she was 24, and he 10 years older, when he forced himself on her after locking the doors of his chauffeur-driven car once she was inside it.They had both been at the Manhattan restaurant Inodchine, dining separately, when she says he lured her to the vehicle by offering her a ride home.Simmons,” the anonymous woman’s attorney, Willie W.Williams, told The San Bernardino Sun during a phone interview.

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