Xcode app icon not updating

Once your app was archived right click it and choose show in Finder.Open the package contents and open this file inside of it: /Products/Application/your App.app/info.plist In there you have to change all the DTXXX Values to be the same as in the latest version of Xcode 8.Run project on device from Xcode 9 Beta 6 Install on device and show included app icon Installed on device but app icon was the default as if you had not set any app icons Note: If project is run from Xcode 8.3.3 the correct app icon is visible.If project is run without Cocoa Pods the correct app icon is visible.For some reason, the "copy pod resources" build phase script is recursively looking through the project root folder and then running actool's processing steps on it.During this recursive look it happens to find that may or may not be included in the project (i.e./Users/[username]/app/Carthage/Checkouts/Rx Swift/Rx Example/Rx Example/Images.xcassets /Users/[username]/app//Pods/Kite-Print-SDK/Kite-SDK/PSPrint SDK/Kite Print SDK.xcassets /Users/[username]/app/Resources/Images.xcassets if $line ! Once said App Store 1024px icon was missing and once said it had alpha channel, while it hadn't. For me, after review any workaround listed unsuccessfully, just created a new icon assets including PNG and Display P3 versions, and that fixed the issue. A further post in the non-Cocoapods-but-issue-related thread on Stack Overflow is pointing the finger at the png colour space for some users, for App Icons that previously worked but now do not, so this is another thing to check if you're still having issues...

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What's changed in Xcode 9 is that inside the app bundle, the actual icons seem to live outside the compiled file regardless of whether you used an asset catalog or not.

As of writing this the only High Sierra build available is a "GM Candidate." I don't think they green lighted it yet.

Changing the build information in your archive to spoof Sierra fixed the issue for me. https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/86290 First of all make sure that you’re on the latest version of Sierra and than archive your app as usually.

I am able to successfully validate the Archive only if I comment out the Copy Pods Resources phase :/ I tried the workaround above with no luck.

I've also tried exporting all my icons again, as @babbage recommended, but the i Tunes Connect errors persist.

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